Thursday, September 20, 2007


POANG armchair by IKEA

Purchased this unique-looking armchair few months back when IKEA hold a sale I've been longing for. Am hooked to this thing everytime I paid a visit there. Moreover, they have this one victimized model where it's being stomped on and off I think from the moment IKEA starts operating. It shows how durable this armchair is. What more could you ask when it comes with a 25-years warranty! Wow! Hebatnya!

But that's not what I'm about to disclose here...

We assembled the armchairs at our Bandar Seri Putra home a few months after we purchased them. Mudah. But unfortunately, one of the sets came without its' stopper (the one with black in colour at the base). At first it was OK until we went back to purchase its' spare part at IKEA's customer service counter (they have this numbering system specifically for spare parts I tell you, go check).

Now listen up (to this compressed conversation):

IKEA: I'm sorry sir, we dont have the stopper. You need to purchase the whole lower base because it comes together.

pye: I just need the stopper and I'm asking to purchase it not get it for free.

IKEA: But you dont even have the receipt with you. You must be fair to us also.

pye: Are you saying we have to keep the receipt for 25 years? (bare in mind it's a thermal printed receipt... you know how long it lasts)

IKEA: Yes (nodding slowly)...

pye: Look, I purchased this armchair early this year. We only assembled it a few months back because we just moved into our new house. Only now we realized the stopper is missing. This is the manufacturer's defect. Are you being fair to me?

IKEA: I'm sorry sir, there's nothing we can do.

pye: Hey, I'm asking to purchase the stoppers. I'm not asking anything for free here.

IKEA: I'm sorry sir, there's nothing we can do about this. I can only give you one stopper.

pye: (what the frak???) This one stopper is useless to me. It's OK, not your fault but do tell the people up there to start selling this parts. Nevermind, I'll complain somewhere else.


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