Friday, April 11, 2008


Am on leave today... and tomorrow.

Huzaimi is no longer a bachelor after Asar today and I'll be sitting beside or maybe behind him to watch that moment. I did the same for Raddy 2 years back more or less. And yes, this evening will make the 3 of us even (in terms of achiving one of our life's most important goal, LOL). Raddy is appointed as the wedding's photographer (promo ni bro!).

During Raddy's wedding at Bangi (gambar dari Fotopages beliau)

Being friends since childhood really bonded us like biological brothers, but of course with different looks, attitude, taste, style and all. That's why it's very hard for me to say "no" to both of them when asked to be their "pengapit" (best man). Hopefully this will be my last act. Nak pencen dah jadi pengapit.

Being the groom's best man is no fun I tell you. One will feel more or less the same like the groom such as nervous, worry, hot, cold etc. But that's why groom needs a best man beside him. To chill them out. To share the moment mano-to-mano.

It's an honour being picked to be the best man for all the grooms I've served (4 all of them including Huzaimi).

No doubt that I'm the BEST man. Peace!


sevven said...

"...achiving one of our life's most important goal..."
Hmm... no wonder I'm still single.

pye:rudz said...

Hahaha... gotcha bro!

raddy said...

Peh..!! hensem giler pengantin dalam gamba ko letak tuh.. nasib baik dah kawin.. untung bini dia..hehehehe.. :p

pye:rudz said...

ayat last tu ayat cover line tu...