Saturday, April 5, 2008


I'm back from hibernating.

I have no specific reasons for hibernating unlike the European Hedgehog because I'm just being simply lazy... to update my weblog. It's not that now I'm no longer lazy, but just feeling responsible to update (shiissh...).

European Hedgehog

Lots of things happened and about to happen. Some are reality and some are things that I expect to happen. I'm quite an observer, therefore I always see things and actively processing it thoroughly in order to avoid or reduce disappointments (mostly) and maybe accidents (while driving). Are you following this?

A good childhood friend (Huzaimi) is getting married next week = reality.

And I was "chosen" to be his best man = unexpected reality.

Went to Kota Bharu, Kelantan for exhibition and coordinating admission interview = reality.

There are a lot of filthy mouth people at the office... in fact more than I expected = unexpected reality.

What is more bigger/important than moving your company to a new venue within 2 bloody months (or maybe less)? Oh, a two week trip to Europe for the whole Management team! = reality.

My brother in-law is finally back home from Japan for good = reality.

There will be a Prison Break 4 with Dr. Sara Tancredi = hallelujah.

Akademi Fantasia 6 sucks! = reality (at least to me).

12th General Election is a smack to BN = reality to all of us but an unexpected reality to BN.

Company's annual dinner sucks because I didnt get the 32" LCD tv and my earwax dropped by a bunch of show-off "local" talent = reality (at least to me).

My little sister's car got scratched really deep at her office basement parking and it was done on purpose. Typical Malaysians' jealousy attitude = unexpected reality.

I still have lots more in mind but a full throttle on this might lead to a more emotional expressive disorder behavioral involving weblog entry writing.


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