Thursday, September 4, 2008


Q1. Why do you have a blog?
A1. Frankly, in the early years, I want to have a blog just because I want to get to know Afdlin Shauki closer (as a fan and a friend) through his blog. He doesn't like anonymous. Another thing, I'm not very good with this web/HTML thing. I foresee that I might be able to learn something through this blogging tool. Taklah susah manapun rupanya. But now, my blog is about expression, observation, sharing thoughts and information. I also think it's a brilliant way to keep in touch with your friends.

Q2. Why hantamkromo?
A2. Hantamkromo means "main belasah je" in my mother tongue or "deliver it as you like" in English. More or less lah. I can't figure any better/suitable name for my blog. It very much speaks for itself.

Q3. Why use the Hellboy image for your profile?
A3. I love that big red monkey. Alright he's a devil who's destined to ruin the world and mankind. But he denied his destiny because hew was raised by human with great humanity values. He's charming (inside) and funny as well. Walaupun tak hensem tapi hatinya baik.

Q4. Aren't you just following the blogging trend?
A4. Who cares? This thing is free! Go make one yourself.

Q5. Some say a blog is similar to a diary. The major difference between this two memory-keeper is, a diary is always be kept secret but a blog is for the whole world to know. What do you think?
A5. It's all about choices. I choose to use blog and I don't treat my blog like a diary. It's a different concept all over.

Q6. How long do you think you will blog?
A6. I'll rest when I'm tired.

Q7. Is your blog for real?
A7. What you see is what you get.

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