Thursday, September 4, 2008


This is a common scene at my workplace whenever we have visitors from oversea. It's funny when "a" Caucasian visitor can outnumber "a group" of Malaysian.

F: Hey, we are going to have visitors from Germany.

G: How many of them?

F: Only one German and the rest are Malaysian. We are going to provide lunch aren't we?

G: I don't know, it's your function.

F: We must provide lunch.

G: (Whatever)

F: What should we serve them for lunch?

G: I don't know, it's your function.

F: We must not serve Malaysian food. Too hot.

G: Why is that?

F: Omputeh mana makan pedas. We must serve western food like sandwiches, tarts, steak etc. You know? Western food.

G: (I know what western food is moron). Why can't we just serve Malaysian food? Let me ask you something, will they serve you nasi lemak or roti canai or teh tarik when you go to their place oversea?

F: ... No, but they can't eat our food. Too hot. They can't stand it.

G: Whatever. Just propose a menu and I'll take it for the boss's approval.

Note: And we keep on promoting, Come on and visit Malaysia! Truly Asia.


MFN said...

kenapa org kita nak inferior bila deal ngan these caucasians? I think we Malaysians are equally good. Heck, sometimes i think we are even better in some aspects. What i always do when i get oversea visitors, i go to lunch/dinner in a resraurant that serves both western and malaysian food. Tapi kan suprisingly, most of the time the matsallehs choose to have local food and aku pulak gi belasah steak and menda yang kita tak makan hari-hari.. hahaha

pye:rudz said...

kau ingat kenapa melayu susah nak maju?

sevven said...

sebenarnya orang ofis tu yang menggatal nak makan western free, guna lah excuse mat saleh tu.

pye:rudz said...

memang biasanya itulah sebabnya pun...

Najwa Aiman said...

Reminds me of your annual dinners during Dr. AHJ's time - mesti Chinese food bcoz mat salleh can eat Chinese food. Ahah! So that's exactly we are promoting Maaysia for - we are dominated by Chinese! Eheks! By the way, mat salleh kat UK makan nasi + curry when I was there.