Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I can now happily and positively confirm with all of you that we will be having a boy this December.

Then came another issue. What should we name him? I kind of have lots of girls' name. That happenned because almost everybody in our family predicted our baby will be a girl based on their naked eye. Since it's gonna be a boy, we're kinda stucked with naming him.

We do have some shortlisted names and some of those even got instant rejection by our moms but we have a couple more. The thing about naming our baby is, we want it to be meaningful (good ones of course), one word and 2 syllable (sukukata). That's it. And we're still searching.

Any suggestions? Throw it into the comment box.


ad3ck said...

sekadar cadangan:
radhi (bukan radhi kalid!)

mgkn tips neh membantu:

Najwa Aiman said...

One word you say? With two syllables? Cannot be KAR-PAL bcoz dun know d meaning lah. But I guess AN-WAR has a good meaning, but this name is already taken by our Pokchu. MA-HA-THIR is 3 syllables and I have no idea what it means, and BUSH is only one syllable and the meaning is quite... well... universal... eheks! <

Probably you might want something that sounds a bit 'garang' but the meaning is actually quite 'soft' and ceria like FARHAN. FIRHAT has the same effect and meaning if yu don't mind the real already famous owner of that name nowadays... hehehehe... And oh! What about FARIS, FARUQ or FIKRI?

And yes... it was dengan sengaja that my suggestion of names all starts with "F"... ekekekekeke...

Anonymous said...

Saiful Bukhari..

pearl said...

I always like the idea of nama nama nabi but off course sometimes its too common la like adam and daniel. Maybe you can try nama yang not too common and classic sikit..tapi memang when it come to name baby boy memang agak susah sikit..compare to girl..boy ni choice agak tak banyak..tapi dalam buku nama nama baby mesti banyak idea boleh ambik...
among my favs are farish, fais, yusuf, heheh..kalau aku dapat bb boy lagi..pening jugak nak pikir ni

pye:rudz said...

thank you people. keep adding it up.
another thing, it is not necessary the alphabet "f" to be in the name you know ;)

Lynn said...

I don't have good suggestions.. but CONGRATS again! ;)

ziah said...

irfan... congrats on ur boy!

pye:rudz said...

thanks guys. this entry has been very helpful.