Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I must say that this year's Merdeka celebration was a bit dull. In previous years, we could see lots of vehicle racing to be the most "flagged" with Jalur Gemilang but not this year.

The only thing we love about this year's celebration must be the carried forward holiday to Monday and Muslims celebrate 1st Ramadhan on that Monday.

Does this has to do with the recent 12th General Election? Or Permatang Pauh? Or Belanjawan 2009? Or Anwar Ibrahim? Or Abdullah Ahmad Badawi? Or the oil price hike?

Here's my guess: All of the mentioned does have something to do with the dull 51st Merdeka celebration this year. Why? I don't know. I think you guys are smart enough to figure it out yourself.

Dear My Government, do you think it will get better next year? Or you would like to make it worse? I hope you have witnessed enough of the people's power because you are the one who should be afraid of us, the people.


Najwa Aiman said...

It may probably also due to the fact that it was in fact the 51st celebration. You know... imagine a 51 year old man celebrating by wearing all those fancy flowers on his shirts or, getting naked and become crazy by drift-racing in a car designed for people like Gwen Stefani. Oh ya by the way, I kept on looking at the pics of Steffani and you were right la bro... makin lama ditenung that Steffani can actually lead to Stiff-nya-ni! after all! Ekekekekeke...

p/s: Congratulations bro! Aimans and Najwa serta Shami and Adeli boleh dapat kawan baru! So now Shami is no longer mangsa buli... ekekekekekeke... ayaaarrkk..!!!

pearl said...

i also rasa this year celebration light light aje.at about 9.30pm saja gatal drove around town, suprisingly..jalan lengang tak jam..depan klcc pun tak rasa bahangnya...jalan sultan ismail depan HRC mcm tak de apa apa berlaku aje...ntahlah mungkin kat dalam panas kot!!
iklan merdeka pun tak banyak aku tgk kat tv! takde yang boleh meruntun jiwa sgt..maybe except for that ad from afdlin..
overall agak boring dan terasa panas semangat merdeka tahun ni..orang dah boring kot! asyik asyik celebration sama aje..konsert merdeka, tatu merdeka, bunga api...dah takde special nya..(banyak gak duit spent tu)maybe govt should do something diff la next year...