Friday, May 27, 2011


Scene 1:
What's the trend like outside eh? Is it the same as what we're facing here?
I'm not quite sure nor I can even comment on that because I don't know.
I think everybody else outside is facing the same issue as we are here.
Sorry, I don't know (am I suppose to know?)

Respond dalam hati:
And for that comparison we have to jump in the bandwagon and ride it furiously to a cliff and jump? Aren't we suppose to find a way out instead of just sitting here and talk shit?

Scene 2:
Why did you set the event to be on Sunday? I don't think this group of staff would want to come to work on Sunday.
Yes we did requested the event to be held on Sunday but only for January's event. Suddenly when the annual planner came out, they set the July's event to be held on Sunday as well. We are just following orders you see.
Yes, can't we change it to Monday then?
Nope. Not this time. Next round maybe.
Firstly, it's already end of May and secondly, all invitations have been sent out as early as March.
Yes, but why on Sunday? Nobody would want to come to work on Sunday.
It's ok if they refuse to come. It's fine. We will still be around though. Besides, we've been working on Sundays for the past how many years. On the other note, we'll only be working on Sundays for like... twice a year. Only (what's the big deal sangat?)

Respond dalam hati:
Who the hell in the world would like to work on Sundays? Not even us. But when it's a call of duty, you should be on duty lah. Apa yang nak berkira sangat? Twice a year and making lots of noise... how about those long hours of breakfast, lunch, tea break and not to mention the missing-in-action-but-punch-card-got-action? Bugger.

How much dumber would you like to be, sistah?


Najwa Aiman said...

Staf baru le tu ek...?

Fa-T said...

kepada yang tiba2 muncul... fahami budaya orang sediada dahulu..kehkehkeh.. patut dilada mulutnya!

pye:rudz said...

najwa aiman: lama bro... tinggi betul dia punya mental state of denial. a lady.

fa-t: penafian fakta biasanya berlaku apabila kesimpulan akhir tidak berpihak kepada mereka.