Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I don't know why but I feel like talking about film today. Why? What's wrong with our film industry? Why should I talk about our film industry? Who am I to talk about film industry? Oi! I'm a Malaysian, so I can talk about our film industry and who are you to stop me? Besides, this is my blog though. Crap.

To my understanding, films should be entertaining in a diversed terms of humour, horror, love, etc, etc. Plus, films should also seem real or macam real like afdlin said = not particularly logic, but real.

I no longer watch any Malay movies at cinemas. Insulting eh? Sad but true. The truth is, I couldn't find any "spark" towards watching our home-made movies, especially those "crafted" by this one particular group (as in I grouped them my own and they don't even know it hahaha). And, look at what we have today? Crapola films.

I love this group of new-age filmakers eventhough they are not new in the showbizz. They have different paradigm and approach in film making. And I can proudly say, I love their work. They are: Shuhaimi Baba, Yasmin Ahmad, Aziz M. Osman and my favourite, Afdlin Shauki. There are a lot more to come I believe. For god sakes, ini macam gambar barulah boleh dipanggil filem. Kalau tak, panggil aje drama yang selalu tayang dalam slot 2 jam kat tv tu.

So, I have grouped our film-makers into two category. 1: The crapola film maker and 2: The good film maker. Who am I to group these people? The answer: A Malaysian who wish to see our film industry grow better. C'mon people, Thailand ngan Iraq pun boleh buat filem bagus tau! Just take a look at their country and our's.

Whatever it is, I'm waiting for Afdlin Shauki's BAIK PUNYA CILOK movie. His previous films haven't let me down yet, so I believe this one should be bigger and better. Long live the Fat director! Jangan marah aa Afdlin.

Filem kita, Wajah kita. (Takkan kita nak wajah kita buruk?)


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