Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Yes, it's official. I've been working for 14 days in a row including weekend. And that was something I didnt really enjoy. I've had a registration on last-last weekend and a nonsense workshop last week. And now, here I am... still standing... with some running nose and dizzy head... at my office, working. Tak apa, I'm going to have a veeeeerrry long holiday this chinese new year... 30 jan - 6 feb! Muahahahaha!

The planning workshop I attended sucked big time! Seriously. We went there without any proper agenda for discussion. All I heard was ramblings of nonsense and pointless from the so called No. 1 man of the company I'm working for. Man, what a waste of money and time! It was a 3 days 2 nights workshop - friday to sunday - 830am to 1130pm discussion of god knows what. I felt like walking into a room of mystery and blur during the whole session.

I can see lots of "acting" going on, "mouthfighting", "asslicking" and all the things I really hate because I knew they were not sincere. And they did that just for the sake of getting the fascilitator's (my MD) attention and nak tunjuk bagus. The most memorable statement was, we are already in the 21st century my friend, we need to change. In one aspect, yes I agree with it, but vice-versa, you think you're really good ah? Fully-equipped for the 21st century ah? Aku malas je nak tunjuk computer and IT skill aku, kang tercengang diorang kang... ngehngehngeh... The thing is, dont underrate people as you like, because, there are other people out there who might be more advance than you. And maybe those people are just sitting right next to you.

All in all, I can say that, it is indeed true that Melayu memang mudah lupa. These people (mostly), referring to the workshop I attended, has forgotten about our main objective of business. The purpose of the company's existence. It's simple, to equip our students with competative technical knowledge for Malaysia to become an Industrial country. That is suppose to be our focus! Ought to be! But this seemed to be forgotten by some people for they started to focus more on their personal interest - not to mention, money. What a rat!

Talking about rat; One rat might be easy to get rid off, but as it breeds... you'll know how hard it is to handle. My stupid question is, why the hell did you "let them" breed at the first place?


WLady said...

sorry comment takde kena ngena ngan post.. itu la takde shout box.. heehee! bro.. you nk pi tak Flash Mob tu? check my blog.. in case you nk pi, u buy the tix now kt GSC.. in case dh takde lagi tix.. hmm.. try buzz my ym.. okies..

pyerudz said...

i'll try to make it there. tickets would be my biggest problem unless you can help me out. pleaseee... for 2 eh?

Najwa Aiman said...

ni mesti citer pasal manpower planning punya woksyop ni kan? so? ada peluang keje utk aku tak? jawatan MD pun takpe.....

pyerudz said...

manpower planning bulan 3 bro. will let u know if there's any. in the mean time, hang in there dulu.
god bless!