Thursday, September 30, 2010


You're paid according to your responsibility.
So please be more responsible.

You're appointed to be a leader.
So please lead like a leader.

You demand respect.
So please gain it.

In case you didn't realize,
we're actually always in the middle.
There's always better.
There's always worse.
No matter what we do.
No matter who we are.
The best will always be the Almighty.
So please live with it.

Because we're just humans.
So please accept the fact that humans make mistakes.
Please admit your mistakes.
Please apologize for your mistakes.
Please learn from your mistakes.

Only then comes a responsible leader.
Only then comes a good leader.
Only then comes respect.

If you ain't human, please deny this.


Najwa Aiman said...

Kronik ni... A chronically ill human is a dead human... Eheks...

Fa-T said...

ni marah sangat ni.. garang ni..
mesti lu punya silap sebesar tahi hidung...

pye:rudz said...

ini bicara tentang manusia yang bongkak dan dungu.